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Science / Latest News - 5 months ago

More extreme storms ahead for California

Scientists have discovered that excessive precipitation occasions in California ought to turn out to be extra frequent because the Earth's local weather warms over this century. The researchers developed a brand new method that predicts the frequency...

Science / Latest News - 5 months ago

The beating heart of solar energy

Utilizing photo voltaic cells positioned underneath the pores and skin to constantly recharge implanted digital medical units is a viable one. Swiss researchers have finished the maths, and located that a three.6 sq. centimeter photo voltaic cell is...

Science / Latest News - 5 months ago

Bats avoid collisions by calling less in a crowd

Within the heat summer time months, bats go about their enterprise every night time, flying and gobbling up bugs (a profit to us). Utilizing echolocation (making calls and listening for returning echoes to determine the place objects are) they will h...