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Health / Human - 5 months ago

The rhythm that makes memories permanent

Each time we study one thing new, the reminiscence doesn't solely have to be acquired, it additionally must be stabilized in a course of referred to as reminiscence consolidation. Mind waves are thought-about to play an necessary position on this cou...

Health / Human - 5 months ago

Gut microorganisms affect our physiology

Researchers have discovered proof that would shed new mild on the complicated group of trillions of microorganisms dwelling in all our guts, and the way they work together with our our bodies.

Health / Human - 5 months ago

New way to defeat therapy-resistant prostate cancer

A brand new research sheds mild on a signaling circuit in cells that drives remedy resistance in prostate most cancers. The researchers discovered that concentrating on the elements of this circuit suppresses superior prostate most cancers improvemen...