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Environment / Earth - 4 months ago

A wolf's stowaways

Because the yr 2000, the Eurasian gray wolf, Canis lupus lupus, has unfold throughout Germany. For researchers, a superb cause to have a better take a look at the small “occupants” of this returnee and to ask the query whether or not the quantity and...

Environment / Earth - 4 months ago

Anthropologists uncover art by (really) old masters

A world workforce of anthropologists has uncovered a 38,000-year-old engraved picture in a southwestern French rockshelter -- a discovering that marks a number of the earliest recognized graphic imagery present in Western Eurasia and gives insights i...

Environment / Earth - 5 months ago

How insects decide to grow up

Like people, bugs undergo puberty. The method is called metamorphosis. Examples embrace caterpillars turning into butterflies and maggots turning into flies. However, it has been a long-standing thriller as to what inner mechanisms management how bug...